The History Behind Our Book Covers

The images we used on our book covers are acquired mostly from old family photographs. To answer the many questions that we’ve received, we have catalogued those images, indicating where we got them and who these people actually were.

NTTT Cabin copy thumbnailNO TIME TO TRUST

This book cover image was taken from our family album, a hand me down affair from my father to me. The image most likely was taken along the foothills of the Big Horn Mountain, east of the river. I believe Little or Low Mountain is north. A mountain can be seen as part of the background. Since there is no river evident, the image must be of the old Clark Place now known as Moncur Springs, named after my Aunt Estella Moncur. Where this cabin was exactly and who is standing in front of it is unknown to me. Unfortunately no one wrote on the back to record who these individuals were, so I frankly, don’t know. Long ago my father told me who these people were but silly me, I never wrote the information down and I no longer remember. That’s the trouble with not writing things down and people getting old: musty dust.

Snell Corrals copy DRAGONS OF FIRE

This image is of the horse corrals that sit along Layout Creek below the log house about a half mile east from where it flows out of the East Pryor Mountain. Early on, and before I was born, the Snells lived in the cabin, maintained this corral and the several out buildings. When I was growing up in Kane, Wyoming my father called it Snell’s place. After the Snells, the place was purchased by Newell Sorenson. These corrals, although dilapidated, still exist today “in the careful care” of the National Park Service. Cecil Snell and his brother Rufus, who were raised on Layout Creek, married Elsie and Lucy Howe, respectively. These girls were my great Uncle Lou’s daughters. That’s the family connection and that’s why this image hangs out in the Howe Family Album.



This image is of the grey hills west of where Kane used to be located prior to January 1, 1965. The image used for this book cover was taken by myself in 2012 specifically for this particular compilation of short stories. This book is presently being augmented, a few more short stories added. The same image will be used: no use reinventing what is doing quite well. On top of the bald face on the right used to be a Crow Indian grave. Long ago it was littered with artifacts, i.e. beads and such. My Uncle Lou and Jess collected a tea cup full of them. The tea cup lost its handle, was broken all to hell, and they passed away. I haven’t seen it in sixty years: musty dust.

Crow Woman covercopy


The image used for this book cover was found in the public domain and is of an actual Crow Indian woman. It was taken by Edward S. Curtis on July 6, 1908. It is the “real deal” and exemplified the female heroine of this book. We acquired it from a Library of Congress collection. Thank you, Mr. Curtis.

louhowe-3x5bookcopyTEQUILA PROMISES

This black and white image was taken from the Howe Family album. The two horsemen were my great uncles Lou and Jess Howe. Chicken coops are in the background. Jess is on the right and Lou is on the left. Since the book is about two very close friends, the image worked out quite well. While I do not know exactly, the image was taken either at the Howe homestead at the mouth of Sheep Canyon, east side of the river, or at the Clark place at the foot of the Big Horn Mountain. They were preparing to go up on the mountain on Duggar Flat/Hannon’s Cooley where the family had taken out homesteads.

cropped-NCJessHowe-copy1.jpgNO CHANCE

Book number six’s cover image is also from the Howe Family album. It shows Jess Howe sitting on a black horse and Bill Tillet standing with his horse and the pack horses. It is on the Big Horn Mountains. The image was taken in approximately 1908. Jess was about eighteen or twenty years old at the time that this black and white image was exposed. This is the age of one of the heroes in this work of fiction and worked out quite well. Joy spent hours and hours cleaning up the image, as well repairing the photo and giving Bill an arm that a rip in the original image had removed.