1907 The Smith Family
1907 The Smith Family

Early Kane Settlers

In 1907 this family portrait of the Smith family was taken in the shade of a Cottonwood tree.

This photo features a cabin in Kane, the people unknown. If you know who they are, or recognize this picture, please let us know.

Kane Cabin copy 2

Joseph Henry Howe sitting on his horse.

joseph henry ps copy 1


Pearl Good Newel Howe Naomi Good copy
Pearl Good, Newel Howe, and Naomi Good at Kane

We recently were shown this picture of Grover’s grandmother, his father, and his Aunt Naomi.  What a treasure.

Against the backdrop of the Kane Hills, Mrs. Bassett is out feeding her chickens. They look like Rhode Island Reds.  Does anyone have more information about this lady?  Her first Bassett at Kane copyname, or any other connections?

RR houses at Kane hills copy

5 comments on “KANE CITIZENS

  1. shirley chandler on said:

    Hi Grover this is Shirley Lucy’s daughter.Like your stories!

    • GRHowe on said:

      Thanks Shirley, Your grandfather and Uncle Jess were practically Gods to my father. They were truly great men. I suspect the shadows they cast will extend far into the future. grh

  2. Shirley Stolns on said:

    My Mother Delpha Sawyer went to school in Kane in the 1920’s then transferred to Lovell to complete her education. Her parents Levi and Rhoana Sawyer owned the ML Ranch and the Five Springs Ranch during that time. I believe at least one of her older sisters, Vanessa, also went to school in Kane. I have some pictures that I think were taken at the Kane school. It was so nice to see your pictures. I have enjoyed the article.

    • GRHowe on said:

      Shirley, Thanks for your comment. It is our goal to put every image we can locate about Kane on our website. We’d like to create a pictorial history of the town and its residents to share with all interested parties. We are going to down load more images within the next several days that various people have allowed us to use. Please check back as we put this all together. We’d love to carry your photographs. Thanks for your comment. grhowe

  3. Michael Gervay on said:

    My great uncle was Stephen Gervay (aka: Dutch Pete) who lived in the big horn mountains.
    see http://www.genealogyalongtherockies.com/wyoming/BigHorn/wybhgarvey.htm
    13 years ago we were out in Lovell and took a tour with locals to where his cabin was and the Kane cemetery. I met Mr. Hoffman who’s father found Stephen Gervay frozen to death. We also met Anna Parks (before she passed) and hoped that she would remember where Stephen Gervay was buried in the Kane cemetery. That is the only part of the puzzle that is missing. We do not know where he was buried in the cemetery. If anyone knows please call me at 302-354-4533. I have been in contact with Karen Sprag but she does not know either. I hope to get back out there to Lovell in the next couple of years.
    Michael Gervay

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