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  1. Buster Brown on said:


    I realized last night, it has been too long since I’ve been in Lovell. That fact is not likely to change in the near future. I didn’t even come home for my brother’s funeral. You can probably imagine the reason. I’ve spent a bit of time reading what you have written here and do enjoy it. I won’t compare you to Louis Llamour out of respect for both of you, but that comparison is sure to come at some point. Keep up the great work. Kane is not an area I am as familiar with as I would like to be. Some day I’ll have to share stories of your father and Jesse Howe with you. They are few, but worth sharing.
    Keep the pen moving. Buster Brown

    • GRHowe on said:

      Buster, Thank you for your gracious compliments. And thank you for mentioning me in the same sentence as Louis L’Amour. I look forward to hearing your stories of Dad and Jess Howe. As an aside, I went to your brother’s funeral. It was quite a rodeo. Prior to the “festivities” the family had a large breakfast served to all and after the funeral they served cake and ice cream celebrating his birthday. All in all, it was unique. During the funeral a couple of your nephews/cousins sang “I’m heading for the Last Round-up.” The melody was entirely new. It was the worst rendition of that song that I have ever heard. Ever. The funny part is that they knew it. Their effort was enjoyable simply for the effort. Who would do that to themselves? The parting comment of your nephew was, “There you go Dad, hope that makes you happy.” Have a great day. grhowe

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