We have a “damn” cat. She thinks she’s a hockey player. She catches a rat, brings it to the kitchen and, using her paw as a hockey stick, slams it to the other side of the room “alive.” It inevitably ends up under the table. Joy goes wild as fans do when a goal is scored. The cat scampers after it. Joy gets up on top of ┬áthe table. (A better seat.) As you can imagine, the rat is trying to get away. But Bobby Hull, the cat, brings the rat to center ice, bats it back and forth, bringing the crowd to their feet, then bam! takes a shot to the south side of the kitchen to the goal under the kitchen cabinets. The crowd (Joy) is cheering, the band is playing the Star Spangled Banner, the fat lady has entered the building. The game goes on and on and on. The score is fifty to nothing. The rat is dead and the cat, leaving it at center rink, goes to get another hockey puck. True story.

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